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The company follows a high standard production process. The basic ingredients of Uy Masuy products include demineralized water (reverse osmosis), herbal extracts and high-grade quadruple ethyl alcohol combined and aged to achieve the desired taste and consistency.

The storage and mixing tanks used in the aging process is pharmaceutical grade stainless steel.

Marble Surface


Bottles are cleaned using a mechanized cleaning process. The bottles pass a sanitizing machine before passing through an automatic bottle washer machine at a temperature of 160 degrees. The bottles then pass through an automatic filling line, which includes an automatic filling machine, labeling machine and sealing machine.

Marble Surface


Uy Masy Wine Factory, Inc gives at most importance to the presentation of nature and is very strict when it comes to cleanliness in the work place. That is why it has complied with the standard requirements needed ECC (Environmental Compliance Certificate), CPR (Certificate of Product Registration), Water Analysis, Third party analysis by government accredited labs from F.A.S.T. Laboratories, from the raw water to the process water, raw alcohol to the final product. The test results dictate our products are E.coli and fecal free.