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The story of Uy Masuy Wine Factory Inc. started in 1897, when Dr. Uy Masuy arrived in Cebu from China. Soon after settling in Cebu, he opened a drugstore in the city's commercial district, establishing himself as a businessman.

While running the drug store, Dr. Uy Masuy came up with the idea of concocting high quality wine and liqueur and ended making a herbal drink that would offer health benefits to his patrons. He called it "Vino Uy Masuy." But when the drink was out, the locals fondly called it "tambal sa kabuhi."

Dr. Uy Masuy started by offering the drink in small shots until the demand ballooned and the drink had to be sold in bottles.

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The success of Vino Uy Masuy inspired Dr. Uy Masuy to create more products that promoted physical well-being, which would become the trademark of the company up to this day.

Among these new products is Fighter Wine, a reference to the drink's ability to boost the physical strength of the drinker. For the packaging, Dr. Uy Masuy started toying with the idea of an image of a well-built man printed on its label. Thus, Fighter Man was born, the athletic guy in jaguar print underwear. Fighter Man soon became a household image among Uy Masuy's patrons.